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About Me

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About me

A TEch guy…

Experienced Information Technology and Service professional with a demonstrated history of over 23 years providing real-world solutions in the Healthcare, Education, and research fields. A lover of computing and technology for much, much longer!

Windows/MacOS/Linux, Server Expertise, Remote Administration. Web developer. Creative problem solver. Versed in a wide field of technologies. Able to provide strategic planning from enterprise infrastructure to End-User. Constantly exploring new technologies to adapt to all facets of support. Strong ability to communicate complicated ideas simply and efficiently.

Circa 2000 rocking a Toshiba Satellite notebook and Sun Solaris Box


Approximate Hours spent researching tech 🙂




computers fixed (About)

Work experience


Data Science – Sr. System Administrator                     2011-Present

  • Built and maintained a process for advanced inventory control, patch management, and safety and security verification, facilitating higher reliability standards with a 50% reduction in cost.
  • Created a procedure for hardware and software upgrade scheduling to further productivity with up-to-date technology.
  • Configured a new, highly reliable, and accessible Windows remote desktop computing environment allowing for more flexibility for developers and statisticians.
  • Enhanced collaborative communication with multiple computing groups across several institutions, ensuring quality user experience and interoperability. 
  • Established and preserved a solid level of trust relationships with premier scientists over multiple decades.
  • Supported a steady increase of users from 40 to 240 and the seasonal influx of post-doctoral candidates over decades with no additional support personnel, expanding coverage with zero additional cost.
  • Received Extraordinary Performance Award for significant contributions of measurable value.

Biostatistical Science and Computational Biology – Manager of User Services           2005-2011

  • Created and implemented a streamlined process to deploy new computers, reducing costs by 70%.
  • Started and maintained on-boarding procedure for new users to our computing environment that reduced costs by 30%.
  • Integrated a large influx of Apple and Linux machines from the addition of Computational Biology into the environment, including an Open Directory server, and used server policies and scripting to ensure compliance and software and settings configuration.
  • Recommend and manage various hardware and software purchasing for clients and servers
  • Received Extraordinary Performance Award for significant contributions of measurable value.

Biostatistical Science – Application Programmer/Analyst           2000-2005

  • Built and deployed Windows Domain from X-Term only to PC mixed environment, allowing for complex PC computing using Windows statistical software to advance research.
  • Developed and maintained policies and scripts to configure software and settings automatically, providing for standardization and compliance.  Reduced system configuration time by 50%
  • Completed installs of Xterm clients for new users in a complex Unix environment.
  • Configured Solaris Unix systems and services and user services, including creating and managing user accounts, alias list maintenance, and file-sharing services.
  • Deployed client machines and servers to prepare and support the fast growth of an evolving department with the upcoming addition of the Computational Biology Lab, almost doubling the number of supported users with their lab equipment and Linux computing.

Website references furnished by request

Volunteer experience

  • Select Board Appointed Member of the Needham Human Rights Committee
  • Town Moderator Appointed Member of the Needham Community Preservation Committee
  • Elected Town Meeting Member for Needham – Precinct E
  • Director of Technology at the Needham Observer
  • Board Member of the Needham History Center & Museum
  • Board Member of Citizens for Needham Schools
  • Executive Director of Government Relations for Safer Quieter Needham
  • Member of the Needham Housing Coalition
  • (Former Board) Member of the Needham Exchange Club
  • Parent contact for Needham SEPAC – Newman
  • Volunteer for Newman PTC


Needham is my home. My wife, Jen and children, June (12) and Bobby (9) enjoy being outdoors, playing sports, and being involved in our community. We are also movie/TV buffs! We have fallen in love with Needham and hope to be here forever!